Musings of a Fool: Godplaying and Cake-eating

I'm begging you, Republicans. Please allow me to return to criticizing liberals.

montanafesto was created as an alternative to the pervasive progressive political blogs in Montana. Never did I dream that I would upset so many conservatives and make so many political enemies.  Never did I imagine being a voice of the medical marijuana industry.  Never did I consider that eventually I would be attacking my own party.

I was so excited by the success of the GOP in the 2010 elections.  I had high hopes for the new legislators who would be working with healthy majorities in each house. Prior to elections,  I helped them campaign, I made phone calls, I attended fundraisers.  I donated time, money, supplies, I knocked on doors.  I listened to each and every candidate promise to fix our budget, cut government spending, and most importantly to create jobs.

I heard rumors early on of potential problems with leadership in the house and senate.  According to several sources within the GOP as well as legislative staffers, leaders tried to dissuade legislators from submitting bills to repeal Obamacare.  As I read the text of each bill proposed by Republicans, I noticed the frightening pattern.  It was becoming obvious that we were ignoring our conservative principles in favor of legislating morality.  The proposed legislation wasn’t about job creation at all, the sponsors instead sought control…. the same criticism we often make of the left.  This session certainly suggests our GOP is content to campaign on the popular and trendy issues of the moment, while legislating like the leader of an obscure religious cult.

And so the hypocrisy reigns in the 2011 legislative session.  The GOP is determined to repeal medical marijuana, ensuring thousands of Montanans will suffer needlessly- in fact, they are so certain patients should suffer, that they also want to be sure they can’t end the suffering prematurely by participating in a physician-assisted suicide.  Perhaps marijuana patients will have to become serial killers in order to achieve a dignified end to their suffering.  After all, the GOP loves killing criminals.   I guess I just don’t understand.  We seek to protect the unborn, but after we are born, nobody cares unless we are psychopathic murderers, then we are allowed to die?

I was, at one time, a fan of the death penalty.  I have little regard for a person’s life if they choose to cut another’s short.  I have no compassion for sexual predators.  Maybe it is my Catholic conscience or maybe my hormonal surges are to blame (damned Oxytocin anyway) but I imagine myself taking part in someone else’s death- even a monster- and I absolutely cringe.   It is also truly unbearable to think of anyone suffering through a debilitating illness or living with chronic pain.

Life isn’t fair and the GOP has no right to play God.  Congratulations, Montana…. the joke’s on us.


12 thoughts on “Musings of a Fool: Godplaying and Cake-eating

  1. Holy shit you hit the nail on the head with THAT one…..

    I hope to relive your caption as well.

    Shameful isn’t it? Especially on a NATIONAL basis. Folks are watching – closely. We’re all lookin like a bunch of freaked out rednecks who walk funny.

    Thanks for being Candid. Love it – and appreciate the HELL out of it.

    • This piece was one of those times where I paused before hitting the publish button….. titling it was difficult as its structure wasn’t conducive to calling it anything but a sort of musing…. but it was candid, that’s for sure. I hesitate to put myself out there like that, but every once in a while….. 🙂

      • Yep, you put yourself out there. I’m hoping our legislators will put up a better ‘medical marijuana’ bill for us to vote on, as the current one is a disaster. As far as legislating morality goes – tired argument. It happens, and most of the times for the best. Nope, it isn’t the governments job, but when folks don’t do it themselves someone else will. I’m just relieved that SOMETHING is being done about this, because legalizing marijuana is what is making Montana look like a bunch of fools, but even worse is what it’s already done to our kids and community in the Clark’s Fork Valley. Not pretty.

  2. This was good, and easy to tell it was from the heart. Also that you have thought much about this. I could not agree with you more. I know we (you and I) may find areas we don’t totally agree. That’s natural. I do hope that we will find more areas than not to agree on though, and those areas where we don’t we can talk about without arguement and in a civilized fashion.
    Morallity can not be legislated. The ill can not be punished. We must fight at all cost to reign this disaster in and put things back on the right track.
    To me there are 3 priorities: take care of our ill, cut wasteful spending, building a job creating environment to help pull us out of the gutter.

    • It is sad that I had to write anything like this. I have indeed thought much about this, it is eating me up inside, and it was definitely from the heart. The worst thing about that is it won’t even matter to the GOP who is obviously heartless unless we talking about unborn babies. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not an abortion supporter either. I just think we need to have compassion for people regardless of their age. Compassion does not equal entitlements either, I’m referring to personal freedoms. Allowing someone to medicate themselves with a fairly harmless substance is responsible fiscally and socially.

  3. if you can’t criticize yourself, you have no credibility.

    That’s what has happened with the parties.

    but obviously not with you, montanafesto, which is what makes this post so successful. However, if you doubt you can get back to criticizing liberals, go to the Jefferson day dinner. You’ll snap right out of it.

    Still nothing on the “facilitating the private sector’s job creation” front. But we have debated the meaning of the civil war ad nauseum.

  4. Excellent examination of legislating morality, however I don’t think “We’re all lookin like a bunch of freaked out rednecks who walk funny.” In fact, to more observant critics it is very clear that these anti-cannabis politicians are actually just using this fear-mongering propaganda to obscure their true motives, which are to appease their big campaign donors at the petro-chemical companies dominating the GOP here in Montana.
    Again, I want to encourage everyone to refrain from childish name-calling to keep this blog accessible to people of the opposite viewpoint.

    • This has nothing to do with big campaign donors at petro-chemical companies in Montana. Examine each legislator’s campaign filings. Please tell me what marijuana has to do with the oil industry? Several caregivers I know have oil businesses as well and a republican in one of the most oil-rich districts in the state voted no yesterday. This is a religious agenda using fear and ignorance as a conduit. This blog will always be open to those with opposing viewpoints, not to worry. I’m also pretty sure that the statement about freaked out rednecks who walk funny was simply figurative language. If I notice any childish name-calling, I will be sure to nip it in the bud though, thanks for your analysis.

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  6. I’m a conservative-leaning independent (fiscal issues) and quasi-libertarian. But the social-control wing’s capture of the Republican Party has left me with really no responsible alternative on the ballot.
    The bulk of this Legislature’s vain attempts to reverse federal law on abortion, guns, health care and immigration shows me that most of Montana’s legislators flunked out of basic civics. What’s worse is there’s no originality — all have been tried in other states and shot down in lower courts at great expense to the taxpayers.
    There seems to be a vindictiveness to the whole affair. What’s clear is that the real concerns of mainstream Montana voters are not being addressed.
    Oh, and you can take your cowboy code and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  7. Very well-written piece. I think we all share your disappointment, both libs and conservs. I myself and thoroughly independent, so I find this group of legislators to be repulsive. They have forgotten the most important point of governance at this point in time. It’s the ECONOMY, stupid, NOT your freakin’ Bible! Save our jobs, then you can worry about our souls! BTW, I belong to the old school, the old “ale does more than Milton can to justify God’s ways to man”. But I have yet to consume enough ale to see any justification in this nonsense.

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