Meet thee saviors, ye lowly Montanans aka Introducing Your God Squad

Savin yous fools from yourselfs.

For your reading and viewing pleasure, today’s post is a linkfest allowing you to get to know some of the key players in the Montana GOP’s quest to save you from yourself.  Most of the links are recent bad press, but a couple of the holier than thous have managed to avoid negative publicity for a few months.  I’ve still included several older links to relevant stories however.  There is no doubt that I missed plenty of stories on plenty of your protectors, but I suffered from information overload as there were just too many great examples of recent hypocrisy within my own party.

Entire Montana GOP: “GOP abandons its principles”

House Speaker Milburn:  “GOP Speaker Caught Skipping Votes to Party” , “Medical Marijuana Repeal Bill Draws Heavy Opposition in MT”

"Marijuana is Hurricane Katrina" Milburn

"I promise to vote yes on HB 161"- James Knox

Rep. James Knox: “James Knox Responds, Logic Takes a Beating”“Interesting Comments From James Knox”“Knox questions why Don Pogreba doesn’t like threats”“Why aren’t James Knox and MT GOP focused on jobs?”

Rep Cary Smith (R-Billings) and wife, Susan Smith: “Conservative Constitutional Seminar at Capitol Stirs Controversy”

Mr and Mrs At least we admit to having a moral agenda Smith

Shockley: “Senator Shockley wants medical marijuana OUT of Montana”, “Senator Shockley in wake of open container violation steps down”








Steve Zabawa (owner of Rimrock Auto Group and Mercedes Benz dealership, passionate LDS supporter of repealing medical marijuana):  “Lawsuits Plague Dealership” Be CERTAIN to read the comments.   “Fed probe looked at Rimrock” “Rimrock Auto Group Stole Parents Identity”


Zabawa wants opiate- I mean marijuana- addicts to stop breaking into his car dealerships

Cherrie Brady: “ATTN Montana Caregivers and Patients”, This brilliant piece WRITTEN by Ms Brady: “Is Montana going to pot?”, “Could Montana be the first to repeal Medi-Pot?”


7 thoughts on “Meet thee saviors, ye lowly Montanans aka Introducing Your God Squad

  1. these guys need to get some new clothes, first… they represent montana dressed like that? i hope no one takes them seriously. one of these guys is the speaker of the house?!?! depressing. these guys make suicide look like a good option. they are really making a difference. i could make more of a difference with a few bullets and a get out of jail free card. sick fuckers. the things comin out of their mouths. i wonder if they have ever heard of a computer?

  2. The “God Squad” must go. As ex-GOP myself I realize the frustration of those who have been GOP supporters. Ex-GOP being the operative word here. Here is a problem to consider. The GOP (more so with the Tea Party Movement) is moving deeper into this God Complex territory. A movement has been started and by the time the elections roll around next time I hope that this movement will explode into a major change. I am seeking others to run for house and senate seats around the state to help with this. For once 3rd party is the best bet. Where the GOP is there is not the time to hope to defeat these people in the primaries or to change the party from within. I speak of this from experience. We must get people in office who will listen to the people, be die-hard supporters of our rights, be pushy on job creation, and thinking about our growing population of elderly and ill citizens. Long live Montana, and may the people rule.

    • I must disagree with you, Mr. Vandevender. The Tea party is not the God squad movement. The tea party keeps social issues OUT of the political arena because the tea party is a group concerned about fiscal responsibility. Now are there some tea party members who are holy rollers? Certainly. Just like some big spending liberals also are members of the NRA…. I’m a Catholic but I don’t believe my morality should be legislated.

      Our state needs someone who will create jobs. Period. I’m not going to blame the entire GOP for what is happening in our legislature, but I sure as hell will not be helping many of them get reelected either. I like Rep Mike Miller though. That’s one exception. I am leaning toward making my gubernatorial choice, but I’m still on the fence a little. I know who it WON’T be, however.

      • I must agree, not all the Tea Partiers fall into this group. Less so here in Montana than in other places. So I will be more than glad to give credit where it is due. I should clarify myself where this is concerned. I hear rumblings from around the country were those as you mention above want to mobilize even more due to the support Tea Partiers are picking up. They don’t like the loss of support due to them. I do stand corrected and admit where I flawed with that. You are also correct that the entire GOP is not guilty of the wrong doings. One must keep an eye on the overall picture when dealing with them though, generally speaking. As with you, even though I have run against him, I like Mike Miller, in fact we get along very well. His concern is like yours and mine where people like those in the original post are concerned, and the possibility of them gaining ground. I also agree that the issue to create jobs should be one of the top if not the top priority. Even without some of the “God Squad” tactics going on such as legislating morality, we can not nor will not progress forward and have a more sound environment to live if jobs are not dealt with.

    • You are right, Mr. Benson. Unfortunately not ALL tea party groups, but the foundation of the tea party is fiscal. I realize it has definitely been hijacked by some with religious agendas though.

      This is my best post? And here I thought it was the laziest one I’ve done so far. Although posting so many links is time consuming, I really didn’t say much at all. Is that your point? 😉

  3. I think James Knox thought that HB161 was a “Free Cheeseburgers for Politicians” bill…. so of course he was going to vote yes.

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