Montana’s GOP God Squad legislating your morality, quantifying your pain, & protecting you from yourself

Take a moment today to thank the house members listed in bold below.  Why you ask? Thank them for ignoring the will of the people and voting to advance the repeal of a law passed by 62% of Montanans.

Thank you, representatives, for being so lazy.  You refused to produce any bills that created jobs but were instead focused on eradicating an entire industry that provides THOUSANDS of jobs for Montanans in addition to producing legislation on a host of other social issues.  I urge Montanans to flood these traitors and the remaining  house members with emails, calls and visits to inform them that you don’t approve of this sort of betrayal of our populace.  You elected them to fix our economy and create jobs…. and what did they do?  Not a damned thing.

Gone are the days that I defend the legislature.  When the liberals are bitching about hypocritical lawmakers seeking to repeal Obamacare while accepting taxpayer-funded health insurance, I will be right on board.  I will never give another penny to the Montana Republican party and I will never spend another moments assisting with anyone running for election.

On the flip side, the democrats in this committee are for the first time in my good graces.  There is a special place in hell for those who lack compassion for people suffering from debilitating illnesses and that has nothing to do with political party affiliation. May God have mercy on your souls.

David Howard Chair*
Cary Smith Vice Chair* Hubby of Susan Smith of Safe Community Safe Kids infamy
Michael (Mike) More Member*
Pat Ingraham Member*
Dan Skattum Member*
Liz Bangerter Member*
Steve Fitzpatrick Member*
Dan Kennedy Member*
Joe Read Member*
Max Yates Member*
Timothy Furey Voted NO….
Pat Noonan Voted NO
Chuck Hunter Voted NO
Ellie Boldman Hill Voted NO
Carolyn Pease-Lopez Voted NO


9 thoughts on “Montana’s GOP God Squad legislating your morality, quantifying your pain, & protecting you from yourself

  1. I totally understand your frustration. I truely hope that your helping to put someone is office does not include us all. There are some (although very few) who want now more than ever to gain control and do what is right. It’s time to dump the major parties on their butt and sweep them out with the trash.
    Ron Vandevender – candidate for MT Governor. – Libertarian.

  2. What bothers me the most is that this legislature is the first that really could deal with the issue, and instead of putting in any work at all, they’re just banning it, the same as those little towns that couldn’t deal, either.

    The legislators are flapping their arms in our backyards.

  3. No kidding flapping their arms in our back yards. Seems as if the Safe Community folks have taken over the house – and are enforcing their beliefs on our legislative process!

    Look around folks – they are all over. The asst chair of HB committee is the husband of one of the main chairs of SafeCom. The completely cancelled a luncheon where all legislative spouses were to meet Irvin Rosenfeld – Federal Patient #2. IT WAS SCHEDULED!!! THEY CANCELLED!!!

    Knox is a director for Safe Com – he is in house and promoting full repeal.

    Speaking of Knox – the Safe Com folks align with him and his shoddy business practices? After reading the comments in the Gazette – I’ma tellin you – I’ll be surprised if the man isn’t run out of the house with a pitchfork.

    Montanans don’t tolerate that nonsense. He needs to go back under whatever rock he done climbed out from under in MY opinion. I have used this equaiton –

    “Knox is to the GOP as Christ is to Cannabis” –

    You may quote me on that. We all have our weasels and I have NEVER embraced Christ – is the GOP going to go liberal and embrace Knox?

    We’ll have to see. If they DO embrace him – they should be ASHAMED of themselves.

    I am having to STOP folks from jumping the GOP ship today – I may have to stop doing that and encourage some growth in the Libertarians. They stand damned firm in their constitutional right stances.

    That’s what this truly is about – people’s RIGHTS and FREEDOMS.

  4. To disregard the will of Montana voters would be an act of political banditism that will not be easily forgotten! The US Government should overcome its own “denial” with respect to Medicinal Cannabis, which can serve as a safe alternativ­e to many pharmaceut­ical chemicals on the market. I believe it is very positive that the President acknowledg­­es the “validity” of this debate. Whenever the validity of the debate is recognized­­, such a “recogniti­­on” invariably implies that our side has a “valid argument”; this being so, it follows that our side (in favor of Cannabis/M­edicinal Cannabis Legalizati­on) has a very real possibilit­­y of winning this “perfectly legitimate debate”, for otherwise it would not be a “debate”. For example, to even suggest that Cannabis Plant has no medicinal properties is not even a “rational” thing to do; as a “recreatio­­nal” substance, Cannabis is incomparab­­ly safer than alcohol! Few people even know that one out of five people in Britain are expected to live to 100 years old, while Cannabis consumption in Britain is the highest in Europe. Look at Canada where the Cannabis “laws” are much more “liberal” than in the United States, yet the criminality, and especially violent crime, are much lower than in this country. And if all this were not enough, it is scientific­­ally proven that Cannabis use (as opposed to alcohol use) suppresses violent urges and behaviors. All this is true even if the President is “personall­­y opposed” to legalizati­­on (at least for now). But we cannot sit on our butts and passively expect positive developmen­­ts to occur. We must participat­­e actively, write comments at the news articles, write to politician­­s, sign petitions, register to vote, etc. Let’s ask our politicians why, in this time of rising deficits, they would rather talk about taxing mother’s milk than about slashing the so-called “marijuana enforcement” budget! I specifical­­ly urge all the young people to talk to their parents and grandparen­­ts and educate them about Cannabis vs. alcohol and hard drugs. As the logical evidence in our favor inexorably accumulate­­s, the “qualitati­­ve shift” will occur in our common consciousn­­ess, and we will win this “perfectly legitimate­­” debate!

  5. Now that some of you are finally realizing that there is no compassion in the hearts of the majority party in the legislature, the only meaningful discussion left in the mmj issue is how much money do they want from us growers. I am endorsing SB 154, sponsored by Sen. Dave Lewis, because it goes directly to the point…..Who pays, and How much? In my discussions with Sen. Lewis, I have gotten him to realize that the 10% tax initially proposed in his bill is not workable for the mom and pop growers that makes up most of the industry. Mr. Lewis has demonstrated remarkable flexibility in in his willingness to amend his bill in order to accommodate both growers and patients. Given the prohibitionist mentality of many of the lawmakers in this legislature, I think SB 154 is our best bet if we are going to emerge from this legislative session with ANY mmj rights intact. I would strongly urge you to read this bill and get behind it. The hearing on this bill is next Friday at the Capitol at 8:00 am. Please feel to contact me for further discussion.


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