Speaker Milburn’s Prohibitionist Circus: What happened to free will and personal responsibility?


Today a hearing was held on Speaker Mike Milburn’s HB 161, to repeal medical marijuana.   Comparing the medical marijuana industry to Hurricane Katrina,  Milburn’s arguments were largely based on fear, exaggerations and pure ignorance.   I think Montanans expect more from our elected officials- especially those in leadership.   Instead of focusing on fiscal reforms, fixing the economy, and job creation, Republican leadership in the 2011 legislative session seems intent to legislate their warped idea of morality upon the entire state of Montana.


While all testimony was allowed for the 28 proponents of Milburn’s bill, after only a handful of the 86 opponents testified, the rest were limited to stating only their name and position on the bill.  I wonder if there had been only one person speaking in favor of a bill, if they would be granted an entire hour to speak.

Arguments in favor of repealing the medical marijuana law included statements about Montana now being discussed as a “source country”, similar to Columbia or Afghanistan.  Some said our state is over saturated with marijuana while others discussed how the 58 myriad medical marijuana cardholders drug cartel members under 18 have turned our schools into drug infested ghettos.   One man mentioned that marijuana caregivers addicts next door had buried a van in the backyard… which reminded him of  a murderer marijuana addict who kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed a girl in WY before burying her car.  A pastor mentioned praying pot plants would die while he also wondered why such good looking women were interested in horticultural adventures.

Although the opponents of the bill included a VERY diverse group of Montanans- a little person, former police officers, veterans of several wars, and disabled people in wheelchairs, those in favor of repealing the law were responsible for turning the hearing into something resembling a circus.  The ignorance displayed by our house speaker and proponents of his selfish and shameful bill have pushed me farther left on the political spectrum than ever before.  Lord help me.


Milburn looks so happy to take medicine from almost 30,000 Montanans






17 thoughts on “Speaker Milburn’s Prohibitionist Circus: What happened to free will and personal responsibility?

  1. He was so over the top with his “decline and fall of western civilization” bull, as was the whole lineup of Carrie Nations in pearls and pinstripes.

  2. Milburn a RINO?? You completely show how little you understand with a label like that. He was elected to lead the most conservative caucus that has ever served in the Montana legislature. Is he a right wing nut job? No. Is he going to carry water for crazy conservatives on every issue? No. He is representing those who elected him on this issue. The town of Cascasde has had a hell of a time dealing with “medical” marijuana. Look it up…

    • I’m not sure where I referred to Milburn as a RINO, if I did, I apologize. I should have called him a liar or hypocrite. What sort of time Cascade has had is of little consequence to me. He is the speaker of our house and someone who promised to work only on creating jobs and fixing the economy instead of getting hung up on social issues. I have yet to see a jobs bill. I don’t know what a right wing nut job is, but considering Cowgirl picks on them a lot, I would probably like them. I definitely don’t like Milburn, so I can agree with you on that. His testimony was arrogant and based upon LIES. What a bunch of ridiculous garbage I saw in Helena yesterday. Republicans as I know them stand for smaller government, less regulation, pro business, etc. Tell me how this legislation does ANY of that. And then you can tell me what RINO means. Republican in name only- I guess we need to define republican. I wouldn’t want either label these days.

  3. Cascade had every opportunity to deal with the issue, and didn’t get it done. Milburn’s little parade members came off as idiots in their testimony, talking about people flapping their wings and burying bodies in cars, and stepping up to confess about all their own drug abuse and their inability to raise their own kids. Meanwhile, Milburn did everything but blame Elvis and the Beatles.

  4. Milburn and circus are a classic example of Reefer Madness in Montana. They have NOT educated themselves – and apparently they view every cannabis patient as a criminal – and they intend to ensure they are made into criminals.

    It is stunning to me that folks cannot LEARN and LEAD in this day of technology and information. Simply stunning. It is all right here at our fingertips!

    Also – I know for a FACT each and every legislator had a copy of the Montana Medical Growers Association’s 2011 Legislators Guide to Medical Cannabis placed in their mailboxes. I filled out the approval request form – and confirmed approval and delivery! Have ANY of them even LOOKED at it?!?!?!

    You can – see this link:

    Also – please visit http://www.medicalcannabis.com

    THERE – you will find continuing education credits for Physicians and Nurses in Cannabis Medicine sanctioned and approved by the American Medical Association and American Nurses Association.

    Also – you will find the study conducted on the Federal Cannabis patients. It is the ONLY study ever conducted on them – right here in Montana in 2001. The Feds don’t want to study their own patients – so – Patients Out of Time did – with Dr. Ethan Russo. RIGHT HERE in Montana. We were Pioneering Cannabis in 2001…..

    Montana and Federal Medical Cannabis Patients have been tied together longer than we had our law…….how in the HELL did we get to THIS spot?!?! We should be LEADING the nation – not making asses out of ourselves!

    • Welcome! Thanks for commenting. I would almost guarantee that none of the GOP legislators even perused the medical cannabis guides. Sad really. Totally embarrassing to a state that should be, as you say, leading the nation.

      I had visions of Reefer Madness as I witnessed the testimony about caregivers trying to fly, van burying, praying pot plants would die and good looking women interested in horticulture. Unbelievable. It was seriously a circus…. on the proponent side, not the cannabis testimony.

      • I seriously believed the extra security was for the proponents!!!

        Much of the testimony by proponents were lies – and we can actually produce hard copy evidence to refute at LEAST 2 or 3 testimonies – and the van guy is one. Chief of Police most certainly did NOT back up his story. Folks called – as they didn’t believe the lunacy.

        It truly was sad to see Reefer Madness exhibited in my own state house – my own home. I truly believed Montanans were smarter than that! We are PIONEERS for Chrissake! What in the hell happened to BEING leaders?!?!

        I am still stunned – and personally OFFENDED that the HHS committee on HB 161 was SO ignorant – and I am ashamed of the GOP at this time.

        Whatever happened to MY personal rights? I VOTED FOR THIS!!!!
        62% of Montanans voted for this. If somebody woulda kicked a particular persons ASS a year ago – we wouldn’t have the troubles we do.

        Now we ALL have to pay for that idiots actions. Makes me SO MAD! I watched in HORROR as he pulled his crap – and nobody did a thing….I have apologized publicly for his actions – and look where we are now.

        With a legislative session that is acting and behaving like a high school full of freshmen! I thought they were freakin ADULTS!!!!

        “Aaaauuugghhh! Is that MARIHUANA?!?!?! Run for your lives! Save the children! It’s the evil devil weed!!!!!”

        Most NON-TOXIC treatment you can do – EVER. Has NEVER killed ANYONE!

        Well – now that I have vomited my bile of disgust all over your blog ….

        Thanks for havin me. Hope you keep me!

        Don’t Panic! It’s Organic!

        • Ugh I thought that this forum was for intellectual discussion, not ranting and name calling… disappointing. The idea is to establish a rapport and educate, not alienate. This article is excellent however a number of these comments make us seem confrontational and childish; let’s not give the prohibitionist forces one more reason not to read these excellent pieces. Well done Montanafesto!

  5. Prime example of bums not doing what the people willed, ” do as the Egyptians do”, throw the bums out! Im leaving this backwards state, thought you were a leader, not, your just another follower, being led around by the nose ring…

  6. To simply trample the will of Montana voters would be an act of political banditism not easily forgotten! The US Government should overcome its own “denial” with respect to Medicinal Cannabis, which can serve as a safe alternativ­e to many pharmaceut­ical chemicals on the market. I believe it is very positive that the President acknowledg­­es the “validity” of this debate. Whenever the validity of the debate is recognized­­, such a “recogniti­­on” invariably implies that our side has a “valid argument”; this being so, it follows that our side (in favor of Cannabis/M­edicinal Cannabis Legalizati­on) has a very real possibilit­­y of winning this “perfectly legitimate debate”, for otherwise it would not be a “debate”. For example, to even suggest that Cannabis Plant has no medicinal properties is not even a “rational” thing to do; as a “recreatio­­nal” substance, Cannabis is incomparab­­ly safer than alcohol! Few people even know that one out of five people in Britain are expected to live to 100 years old, while Cannabis consumption in Britain is the highest in Europe. Look at Canada where the Cannabis “laws” are much more “liberal” than in the United States, yet the criminality, and especially violent crime, are much lower than in this country. And if all this were not enough, it is scientific­­ally proven that Cannabis use (as opposed to alcohol use) suppresses violent urges and behaviors. All this is true even if the President is “personall­­y opposed” to legalizati­­on (at least for now). But we cannot sit on our butts and passively expect positive developmen­­ts to occur. We must participat­­e actively, write comments at the news articles, write to politician­­s, sign petitions, register to vote, etc. Let’s ask our politicians why, in this time of rising deficits, they would rather talk about taxing mother’s milk than about slashing the so-called “marijuana enforcement” budget! I specifical­­ly urge all the young people to talk to their parents and grandparen­­ts and educate them about Cannabis vs. alcohol and hard drugs. As the logical evidence in our favor inexorably accumulate­­s, the “qualitati­­ve shift” will occur in our common consciousn­­ess, and we will win this “perfectly legitimate­­” debate!

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