Chuck Baldwin: Carpetbagger or Called by God?

Is Baldwin a political opportunist or was he called by God to move his family to Montana?

Montana newcomer Chuck Baldwin, the pastor who ran unsuccessfully for US President in 2008 on the Constitutional Party ticket, recently declared that the prospect of running for Governor of Montana is “so thrilling, I just get goose bumps.”  Baldwin said “There has to be a governor who is willing to put his life on the line to defend the constitution.”  That brings up an interesting point actually. Baldwin would enter an already crowded  race, joining Corey Stapleton, Ken Miller, Rick Hill, and Jim O’Hara on the GOP ticket, Dave Wanzenreid for the Democrat party, and Ron Vandevender who is running as a libertarian.  Baldwin has been critical of the both the Republican and Democrat parties, calling them “two peas in the same pod” so I assume he’d be running as a Constitutional party candidate.  As far as I know, however; the only candidate in the race thus far who was actually “willing to put his life on the line to defend the constitution” was Corey Stapleton, who spent more than a decade in the US Navy.  Perhaps the statement was an endorsement.   After receiving a direct message from God, Baldwin moved nearly 20 family members to the Flathead valley last summer.  Declaring Montana the “tip of the spear” in the freedom fight, Baldwin abandoned his Pensacola, FL  flock  in favor of the more freedom-minded Montana folk. While I’m sure Chuck Baldwin is a fine man, I have yet to see that he is capable of running an organization or city let alone running one of the largest states in the union.  I often do agree with Baldwin, but I don’t think  Montana is ready to elect a 9/11 truther who believes that a breakup of the US is inevitable, regularly appears with conspiracy wackjob Alex Jones, and preaches about new world order and FEMA death camps. Baldwin said:

So, living or dying, we intend to circle the wagons around the State of Montana and fight to our dying breath for the right of that State to live free!

Last I checked, Montana wasn’t at war.  Baldwin’s rhetoric is passionate and dramatic, but lacks specificity. I’m not denying the possibility of a calling from God, but many may doubt his claim- Montanans are skeptical of outsiders.  I’m happy he and his family moved to Montana and that they are freedom-loving Christian patriots- his influence could strengthen conservatism in Montana. If however, he runs for governor after so briefly residing in our state, suspicion will override all respect I have for his ideals and I will view him as a political opportunist who thought Montana’s voters were prime for picking.  In addition to that, it may guarantee a Democrat governor.

6 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin: Carpetbagger or Called by God?

  1. He’s moved here from Florida in the past year, and in his speech, already he’s busy defining what a true Montanan is.

    He reminds me of an old fruitcake from the remainder table at K-Mart.

  2. O how quick we are to pass judgement. Who here really knows the heart of Mr. Baldwin? I for one am encouraged that he and his little flock are here in Montana. What he will do or how he will succeed or fail is yet to be seen. I for one welcome his and any other voices for freedom and liberty that will come and join theirs with ours. Lets remember that we are still just learning, or re-learning for some, the principles of life and liberty that have not been a part of our culture for several generations. We all like to talk the talk but which of us, if we are honest, are really walking the talk? I for one have advised Mr. Baldwin that any entry into the political races this soon would be ill advised. Even if I were to believe that he was “the man” I don’t think we as a people are ready to be released from our bondage yet. Just ask yourself how many people you know that have voluntarily given up ALL of their government hand-outs. (real or promised)
    BTW – Someone in the Navy is not “keeping us free.” They are defending the interests of the empire. Those interests are of a more commercial nature than anything else. There are a million domestic enemies of Freedom that the typical “soldier” knows little about. Montanans ARE at war. It is the same war now as it has always been. Some want to live their lives and be left alone in a civil order that is the simple collective exercise of the individual’s right to the protection of his inalienable property rights. Others want to by force live off the efforts of others. The power of the state has been hijacked by the latter and is being used against the former. Thats war. The national government by force, bribes and intimidation runs our state government. Thats war. I don’t see many Sailors or Marines in these battles. Mr. Baldwin at least has some valuable insight, knowledge and experience. The enemies of freedom don’t need to worry about us. As long as we are busy throwing rocks at each other they can proceed with safety.

    • Advising Mr Baldwin that entering the political arena this early would be ill-advised was a good call on your part. Hopefully he listens. I don’t hate Baldwin and I too am encouraged by his flock moving to Montana. His motives seemed completely pure until I hear the rumblings of a political agenda so early. Take a look at our legislature to see the true enemies of freedom. Eeeek.

  3. More carpetbaggers just like Hillery’s move to New York. Baldwin wasn’t an official Montana candidate for president. Baldwin would get less votes then Ron Paul received.

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