Hypocrisy or Hyberbole?

Montana’s GOP legislators, most of whom campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility and cutting government waste are now being labeled as hypocrites by Governor Schweitzer and many of the legislature’s Democrats.  After proposing early budget cuts, nearly every move made by  GOP lawmakers thus far has been criticized by the left.

  • Approval of $1000 stipend (down from the previous $1500 allowance approved in 2007) for purchase of a laptop to be used by members of the legislature- Governor Schweitzer thinks they should use their own computers while the legislature argues that other state employees aren’t asked to supply their own equipment.
  • Inclusion of provisions to increase health benefits for legislators in HB #1, the “feed bill” which pays for the biennial legislative session.  Democrats say that it equates to “voting themselves a pay raise” while Republicans state that voting for increased compensation for themselves is constitutionally impossible.
  • Intentions of repealing/nullifying exceedingly unpopular national health care reform mandates- Schweitzer and other Democrats are calling Republicans hypocrites for accepting health insurance from their employer, the state of Montana; while actively trying to thwart the implementation of Obamacare within the state.
  • Schweitzer also recently stated publicly that the legislators are the “biggest boozers”.  His accusation was most likely directed at the left as well as he didn’t distinguish between political parties.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy or Hyberbole?

  1. Perhaps the Governor, the D’s in the House and the Governor’s staff that blog as Cowgirl (Eric and Jessica?) might like a little ketchup with their crow.
    http://bit.ly/g6CZVr Chuck Johnson pretty much nails it with his article.
    One line stands out:
    The trouble is, the lawmakers didn’t raise their pay.

  2. We have been fighting for access to health care for all since I graduated from Medical School in 1968. Someone needs to do some decent numbers on this. Ex: A child without health care coverage goes to the Emergency Room for an ear infection or for a step throat – Cost? about $1000.00 To see a pediatrician for a 15 minute visti and appropriate antibiotics – Cost? about $40.00 – Cost if not treated? Possible heart disease, a future valve replacement, permanent arthritis, and a host of other life long medical costs – quite literally millions – it is imcomprehensible to me that our nation cannot come to terms with this – it ain’t that hard!

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