The Log In Governor Schweitzer’s Eye

“In politics, it doesn’t matter what the facts are, it matters what the perceptions are. It is the way you frame it.” Brian Schweitzer, Montana Governor

Governor Brian Schweitzer, well-known around Montana for his hard-drinking and overly flirtatious behavior recently used a tax revenue press conference to publicly criticize Montana’s legislators.       Citing Department of Revenue data indicating that wholesale liquor sales increase in Helena during the biennial legislative session, Schweitzer appeared to place that blame solely on the legislators.  “These are the ones who are the biggest boozers” said Schweitzer.

In a session already expected to be contentious, the comments aren’t sitting well with Montana’s lawmakers.  “That is outrageous. We work very hard,” said Dave Lewis, a Helena Republican who has worked in one capacity or another around the Capitol for decades.  Considering the number of lobbyists and legislative staff in Helena for the session, it  is ridiculous to blame the liquor sales spike on only the 150 elected lawmakers.   Legislators  make significant sacrifices to serve  in Montana’s 90 day session living away from their families and being paid only minimally.

Hallmark mechanisms  of alcoholism and other addictions are the use of  projection and a tendency to blame others. Recognizing and owning one’s problems is key to recovery.  Perhaps Governor Schweitzer is hiding his own chemical dependency issues by projecting his faults on to his adversaries.  I have personally witnessed on numerous occasions,  excessive “boozing”  by Brian Schweitzer himself and his behavior is certainly not becoming of the office he holds.  In the past, Schweitzer has criticized legislators for eating “thick steaks and old whiskey” compliments of lobbyists.  No word on who buys the beef and spirits for the governor.


3 thoughts on “The Log In Governor Schweitzer’s Eye

  1. This session is very likely to be a real show. Without Hal Harper around to rein in the big guy there’s no end to the possible damage that can be done. It will be interesting to see if BS will be able to continue to get away with blaming the Legislature for the problems he causes.

  2. Hal’s gone? Didn’t know that. The Governor’s behavior and foul mouth is way beyond a partisan issue. Re-read the Missoula Independent’s article about First Brother Walt and Bob Raney, or revisit his bragging/lying about that caused the Livingston tabloid to ask if the Governor “told big fat lies, or broke the law?”. Or his clownish speech in front of the Democrats’ Convention is always worth an embarrassing peek.

    And even though I’m no huge fan of wolf policy, his attempt, through his old college roomie that he appointed, to stifle academic freedom at MSU is amazing in just how unethical a person with power can be. Let’s not forget how the UM Provost got cashiered after she dared to disagree with the Governor on Montana’s regulatory friendliness to business.

    The Governor sues the legislature, becomes rude and strident in a meeting with their leadership, then accuses them of being drunks. We all need to repudiate this clown for the sake of the state.

    I’m sure I’m missing a few (dozen) other picadilloes.

    • Oh, yeah – Hal retired earlier this year. It’s been fairly obvious lately that there’s no one else on the gov’s staff that can control the jerk. Guess this is an exercise in “giving him enough rope”. Date of forthcoming Necktie Party to be announced later…

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