Humble Governor Schweitzer Continues Embarrassin’ the Big Sky State

Yesterday, Montana’s Governor Brian Schweitzer was quick to dismiss any truth in all of the rumors he started that are apparently flying around about his plans after his term is up.  Due to term limits, he is prevented from  making himself our king running for another term and according to him, the rumors have been circulating in democratic circles for WEEKS.  He would like Montanans to know that he has no plans to run for President and that a recent New Hampshire poll about such a bid by Schweitzer had nothing to do with him. Ever the boastful blowhard sheepish cowboy, Schweitzer pointed out that Obama will likely be interested in the job anyway and said “It’s kind of silly, really. I’m just learning how to be governor of Montana.”

Many in Montana would agree with that assertion considering bashful Brian’s recent embarrassing lawsuit against over a dozen online travel booking agencies over a dispute over how bed taxes in the state are assessed.  At the 2010 Montana Economic Development Summit, he very publicly attacked the leaders of Travelocity after they announced formal plans to promote tourism in the state.

To any of you who may think this isn’t worthy of a story, think again.  It has been the Billings Gazette headline for hours.  Don’t worry about Schweitzer though, according to him, he always gets a job.  Whether it will be doing some fencin’ on that land that the public no longer can access,  practicin’ his Arabic,  or vyin’ for higher office, we can expect to have him hanging around for years to come, embarrassin’ the Big Sky State.


3 thoughts on “Humble Governor Schweitzer Continues Embarrassin’ the Big Sky State

  1. Thanks. This was very funny, and so true.

    In a related matter, how many times can the Gov pull this trick?

    “Some said they had felt bushwhacked by the governor’s criticisms.
    “I was invited to a meeting on managed care and walked into a press conference instead,” said Rose M. Hughes, executive director of the Montana Health Care Association. “This was not designed for dialogue.”

    Bushwacking Bloviator in a Bolo has a certain alliterative allure.

  2. Poor Bri – when Jon Tester declined to go along with the gov’s master plan of trading seats in ’12, it really mucked up BS’s future. Dang. Then when he learned that a primary challenge against ol’ Flat Top would result in a bloody battle with Schyster playing the role of General Custer, guess he thought better of that idea. After looking around and seeing that he has pi$$ed off most of the dem constituencies in Montana, there was no choice but to look to a different stage. Too bad that one’s not interested in him either. Shucks. Some village must be missing an idiot – we can share.

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