Montana Democrats:Premature Yet Rampant 2012 Paranoia


Answer our questions, Tester.

The paranoid Montana Democrats have filed a complaint against Steve Daines, who they claim is running an illegal shadow campaign for the US Senate seat currently held by Jon Tester.


At issue is a youtube ad posted by Common Sense Issues PAC attacking Tester and Baucus and appearing to endorse Steve Daines for their jobs- although the ad never mentions Daines, nor does the group’s website.

In a telephone interview with the Billings Gazette today, Daines maintained that he isn’t currently a candidate and expressed concern that the Democratic Party had consulted with the media before filing with the FEC.  The Gazette also mentions the “Draft Steve Daines for US Senate” Facebook group but fails to note that it was created by College Republicans- not by Daines, the Montana Republican Party, or the Common Sense Values PAC.

While it is widely believed that Daines will be filing soon (rumored to be November 13), there is also some speculation that current US House Representative Denny Rehberg is also interested in the position  which has led many to wonder if Daines will instead run for Rehberg’s House seat.

Personally, I just think Jon Tester is unhappy with the new website the PAC created which pokes fun at the senator’s inability and unwillingness to answer questions from his constituents.

4 thoughts on “Montana Democrats:Premature Yet Rampant 2012 Paranoia

  1. Anyone who can make the commies froth at the snouts so early in the game has my support. The next two years ought to be exciting, to say the least, if they’re already in attack mode against someone who hasn’t even announced his candidacy. We know who the liars are, and the line in the sand was drawn long ago during B.O.’s campaign back in ’07. This horrid regime and their minions have done more to destroy civility and race relations in this country than any individual or organization in the history of the world. I judge my Friends by their enemies, and this guy is obviously doing something right.
    The leftists don’t hate evil. They hate those who hate evil. And THAT, my Friend, makes this man my Friend. If he does decide to run for office in any capacity, I’m going to support him. BRING IT.

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