5 thoughts on “Injustice: Marc Racicot’s Montana Legacy: Part II

  1. This is what happens when low life’s and uneducated liars and thieves are in charge. Barry was set up and something had better be done. Put all those covering this up in jail and have them spend the rest of their lives for this Miscarriage of Justice

  2. I wish every national news outlet would run the story of Barry Beach and Marc Racicot on a weekly basis. I have ultimate respect for individuals who admit to mistakes. We all make them. I have utter disdain for anyone who feels they are too good to admit to their mistakes. And to those whose mistakes hurt others, they should have poetic justice.

  3. I would love to see Barry be set free, and would love to see Racicot be exposed for the liar he is. He needs to be investigated, too, and put in jail for the rest of HIS life. I’m afraid though, he’d go to a federal pen, and live the good life there, stead of the Montana prison, where he should be. THAT would be the ultimate!

  4. One more thing I’d like to know, who are the Supreme Court Judges, that overturned Barry’s release? And are they being “bought” by Racicot, to save his name, and reputation? They, too, should be investigated.

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