Montana SD25 Race: Dirty Democrat Guide to Stealing Elections


Kendall Van Dyk's Campaign Tactics?

Although the margin of victory exceeds the margin that triggers a mandatory recount, Roy Brown is still considering whether or not to call for one anyway.  Sixteen votes separate the candidates currently.


If Kendall Van Dyk wins this race, we are sending a clear message- dirty attack ads prove victorious.  Never have I witnessed such a nasty race- Van Dyk’s mailers were nothing short of SLIMY, rife with distortions, false accusations, and blatant lies.  In stark contrast, Roy Brown retained his dignity and campaigned like a gentleman.

The following are lessons we can learn from this election:

  1. A good tactic is one that your people enjoy so pay people like you to do your work- over and over.  Van Dyk’s campaign paid at least 17 people WAGES.  Roy Brown?  One.  Don’t bother knocking on doors yourself, use your employees.  While Roy was seen several times at each door in SD25, most residents didn’t see Van Dyk once.
  2. Never waste a perfectly good crisis. Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose   No matter how vague of a connection, make outrageous statements connecting your opponent to emotional issues.  If he worked for an oil company three decades ago, connect him to the BP oil spill.
  3. Never go outside the experience of your people so utilize national figures and the state and national party to provide assistance.  Have DC fundraisers for a state election in Montana. Use shadowy PACs. The Values Energy & Growth PAC is funded solely by the Democratic Legislators Alumni PAC which is solely funded by….. the Montana Democratic Party.  Your constituents won’t know how to follow the money though, you’ll be alright.
  4. Whenever possible, go outside of the experience of the enemy. If your opponent has maintained dignified campaigns in the past, step it up a notch. Always take the low road.  It is difficult to flaunt your strengths when you don’t have any.  In these cases, compensate by attacking your opponent.  Name calling is a bonus.
  5. Ridicule is man’s most powerful weapon. Whine about how your opponent has gone too far.  For instance, accuse him of “trying to tie you to Obama”.  Never mention the several photos of you attending various events with Obama at your side- after all, that doesn’t tie you to him.
  6. Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules- I consider this projection:  Exploit your own weaknesses by presenting them as your opponent’s. If you were raised out of your district,  present your opponent as an outsider. Don’t mention he moved here as a toddler or that you lived most of your life on the opposite side of the state.  If you were the local NORML chapter president, instead paint your opponent as “weak on medical marijuana laws”.
  7. If you do have ANY accomplishments, make sure your opponent appears to contrast you.  For instance, if you authored a stream access bill (even though the your bill looked nothing like the final one), present yourself as a savior to sportsmen.  Publicize photos of you hunting, fishing, being a MAN.  Ignore the fact that your opponent was the one endorsed by all of the sportsmen and firearm rights interest groups.  That is irrelevant.  Most people are too stupid or apathetic to research these fine details, so don’t worry about it.
  8. It isn’t about what you have, it is about what they THINK you have. Use subliminal advertising.  If you don’t have a wife and children- or even a girlfriend, take campaign photos with your sister and her children.  Voters will simply assume you have a cute little family. Don’t mention that your entire family is republican either.
  9. If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside so NEVER actually address accusations lodged at you by your opponent.  When he calls you “Tax Hike Van Dyk”, address his name-calling, not the name itself.  Don’t mention that you LOVE taxes and big government and that you cannot wait to make your nickname a reality.
  10. Shake things up a bit.  Use different tactics so it never becomes a drag.  Attack from every angle.  If you can get your opponent’s supporters angry with him, this is a bonus.  If stock growers support your opponent, accuse him of being a vegetarian even if he eats meat regularly.
  11. The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.    The ends always justifies the means so don’t worry about ethics.  You will win in the end.  Good luck!

12 thoughts on “Montana SD25 Race: Dirty Democrat Guide to Stealing Elections

  1. Just wondering what the Dem Caucus will do if KVD does eventually pull this out… Given the he is tied totally to BS, and the good guv isn’t exactly real popular with the Dem leadership at this point, could KVD end up as the scapegoat? After all the time, effort, and money that was invested in this phony (that perhaps could have been used to help several other candidates and minimized the losses), could Kenny end up being persona non grata if he does get to Helena? Rising stars have been known to fall in spectacular fashion.

    • I’ve heard from legislators that he isn’t popular- even within his own party- because he isn’t a team player and is always all about Kenny. His arrogance isn’t attractive and he’s lost a lot of respect throughout this campaign. He really needs to lose an election to be brought down a few pegs. But, I hope you are correct and that he becomes the scapegoat. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  2. In my humble opinion Kendall isn’t qualified to serve meals to convicts never mind represent honest citizens! This is a tragedy I hope they recount and prove Roy the winner. Even if they do not however Kendall will be helpless in this senate term. hopefully he gets so worked up his fat ass has a heart attack while yelling for the adoption of absurd progressive principals!

    • You are right, I do think he will be helpless. I also agree that he looks a little portly these days…. one would expect from all of that campaigning, he’d have walked off a few pounds, but all of that is irrelevant. Van Dyk has no idea who he is. Raised a republican in a republican family, he was molded into the progressive environmentalist he is today by the Northern Plains Resource Council. My political views are primarily based upon morals- how can someone’s morals be so dynamic? I hope one of these days a good conservative lady or gentleman seduces him and shows him the light. Possibly a love interest could provoke another change.

  3. OK – now that the gov’s “anonymous” mouthpiece (MT Cowgirl, for those who might not yet know) in the blogosphere has offered their opinion on the election, there was a tiny little gem in the piece that should have Roy and some lawyers paying attention:
    “Also, a note to organizers: Van Dyk had a highly organized system by which he identified likely Van Dyk voters, delivered them absentee ballots and then collected them. It’s what put him over the top. ”

    Perhaps an investigation pursuant to 13-13-214(1)(c)(i – ii) might be in order. Starting with a math test – how many of these absentee ballots were delivered/collected divided by how many volunteers. If the number is more than 4, then SOMEBODY has a problem.

    • Thank you for the info! I had seen MT Cowgirl’s post, I found it a bit odd that she’d give a tip to her enemies. Typical liberal fashion to hand hold the baby democrat voters, but it apparently worked. I believe Roy is waiting until Monday after the provisional ballots are counted to decide how to proceed. Van Dyk had 50 volunteers out working to get his apparently apathetic voters to the polls. I find that really pathetic. Kendall can now wash off his campaign slime to have NO EFFECT in the legislature. His dirty campaign tactics are very telling about his true character.

      • I don’t know that “she” intended to give anybody a tip – but when you’re in a position where you routinely give legal advice to your political cronies, without having passed the Montana Bar, it’s no big surprise that you may not have been aware of all the applicable statutes.

        Somebody should be up at the Elections office at Yellowstone County checking on those absentee ballot request forms… just sayin’.

        • Yes, I agree. Hopefully someone will pass along that sentiment to Roy Brown. I would have expected him to be all over that situation… and maybe he is. So, you refer to cowgirl as “she”, is she really a “he”? She’s supposedly been outed but I have not been convinced that was actually her. I suppose people in Helena know who she is though? Or he? Hmmm. Does our governor have a Mac book?

  4. Maybe Kendall could go on a Scarsdale diet?

    The VEG-PAC is slimy. The sent out flyers citing Montana Cowgirl, an anonymous blogger, as an authoritative source. Just a black and white flyer calling Tom Burnett a “BIGOT” in 48 font.

    I hope Auntie Lib is right and KVD did actually pay people to pick up and deliver other people’s ballots. Roy Brown and his wife have been good public servants.

    • While I don’t know if Kendall actually PAID those people, he did admit that he had 50 volunteers working to get out the vote- his vote specifically- on election day. In the last campaign finance filings, I believe Roy had one paid employee while Kendall had 17.

      The VEG Pac is the Montana Democratic Party. The VEG Pac’s sole donor was the Democratic Legislative Alumni. Their sole donor was the Montana Democratic Party. Seems pretty obvious who the slimeballs are.

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