Unreported Death at Missoula Sheriff’s Department? Was victim a casualty of corruption?

According to sources, on September 9, 2010 at approximately 6:00 pm, an inmate at the Missoula County Detention Center was found barely alive after hanging himself.  The victim was transported to a Missoula hospital in critical condition and was placed on life support.  On September 11, 2o10 life support was removed and the inmate passed away. Soon after his demise, a caller asked the department whether or not a suicide had occurred-  a firm denial was issued.   Shortly thereafter, the sheriff  gathered his officers for a briefing.  He emphasized that the death was a private, internal matter. According to our sources, the sheriff scheduled an inquest to convene after the November general elections. While there is perhaps a reasonable explanation for such a delay,  one would think that preserving the integrity of the crime scene and evidence would take precedence over most other conflicts.  Perhaps something more sinister occurred?   If this story is indeed true, numerous questions come to mind.

  • Was the death a suicide? After all, the sheriff’s department did deny a suicide had occurred- perhaps it was actually a homicide.
  • Where is the victim’s body?  Was it handled in a dignified manner? Has he received a proper burial?  Is a family missing their relative?
  • Why has this incident not been reported by law enforcement or press?
  • Is it typical procedure to wait two months for an inquest?
  • Is there anyone currently employed within the Missoula Sheriff’s Department who stands to benefit from this suspicious delay?

Montana law requires that a civilian coroner conduct an inquest whenever a person dies in the custody of law enforcement; is killed by a peace officer; or dies in a prison, jail or other correctional facility.  Because the sheriff Mike McMeekin is also the coroner, is the delay due to waiting for a coroner who isn’t also in law enforcement? Technically, the victim reportedly died at the hospital so perhaps the law isn’t applicable in this particular case.

Candidates for the Missoula County Sheriff’s election include Democrat Brad Giffin, Republican Nick Lisi and Independent Carl Ibsen.  Both Giffin and Ibsen are currently employed by the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department and  all three candidates have had decades of experience.  If  embattled Sheriff McMeekin isn’t willing to address these rumors, perhaps the  two officers who running for his position will provide the missing information. If that doesn’t occur, Missoula County voters may have a far simpler choice in November.


8 thoughts on “Unreported Death at Missoula Sheriff’s Department? Was victim a casualty of corruption?

  1. As former Republican Committeeman for the 15th Precinct in Ravalli County, I have had direct relationship with the Sheriff’s department and seen corruption first hand. When asked directly who he would protect in case of military invasion of Montana by far left liberals, Sheriff Hoffman speaking before 40-50 Second Amendment Rights activists declared, the U.S. Constitution has changed and he would have to defer that question to the Montana State Attorney before taking action.

    I want to note here that this is NOT the Sheriff I want protecting my family.
    Any Sheriff who does not immediately answer that question with full and complete allegiance to the U.S. Constitution as presented by our founders is nothing more than a pawn of the liberal left! A man with a personal agenda. A man with NO guts!

    Further, as we moved closer to “election time” Hoffman has publicly changed his tune and reversed his position 100% and now says he would side with the citizens in case of a radical take over by the left. Interesting note is that, at first, Sheriff Hoffman opted to completely distance himself from a nationally well known and respected Constitutional Sheriff, Richard Mack, but later decided to at least visit with him. This, in my estimation was purely due to election pressure and a growing number of Ravalli citizens who were questioning his loyalty to the Constitution. It is also interesting to note that Hoffman and Missoula’s Mike McMeekin WOULD NOT stand with the Montana Shooting Sports Association and Gary Marbut who introduced Legislation that would affirm the local Sheriff’s authority under the law. This tells us that Hoffman and those with whom he is associated, would likely turn on the citizens of this State if left-wing revolution ever came to Montana.

    In the case of Missoula’s Sheriff, Mike McMeekin, recently he made a radical public statement against the Constitutional Sheriff Mack and further continues to display anti U.S. Constitution sentiment. He has told us by his actions that when Marshal law is imposed by the left wing radicals, Mike McMeekin will act to save his own paycheck and fall in line with whoever is in power rather than take charge with powers duly given him under the U.S. and Montana Constitutions. In my estimation, both he and Sheriff Hoffman place their own livelihoods ahead of Constitutional principle. These are men to be feared when the battle lines for American Freedom are drawn in the streets of Missoula and Hamilton. They will be the law enforcement herding Americans into rail cars for transport to FEMA camps rather than firing on the enemy in defense of the citizens they are sworn to defend.

    I have personally resigned my position as Committeeman because of corruption I have seen but had no power to curb.

    I plan to use my Constitutional rights and powers if I am ever faced with take over by the enemies of the American Constitution. I truly believe we are close to that event. When the Ravalli Central Committee can support and fund a Marxist, socialist liberal like Gary Maclaren who has voted 80% of the time AGAINST America’s conservative legacy, the signs of America’s demise are clearly upon us. It is time that we ALL rise up and stand for Freedom against such tyranny.

    Bob Kubiak
    Former Republican Committeeman – Victor, MT

    • Bob, while I understand your concern, resigning from your position was not the right move- we need people like you to positively influence the elected representatives of our state and nation. The precinct chairs have tremendous influence when used strategically. For a great recent example, look back to the 2008 primaries- Obama (ACORN, SEIU, etc) came out of nowhere and using the Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy they defeated the Clinton machine. The only way to combat party corruption is to start from the ground up.

      Precinct Committeemen/women are the most powerful positions in the world! To change things, we must change laws and to change laws we must change lawmakers. Your influence could be what it requires to end voting for the “lesser of two evils” in your area.

      The sheriff’s positions are very powerful as well, I’m hopeful the next man elected Missoula County Sheriff will be an improvement.

  2. Heather Wasson died of a siezure while in the Missoula County Detention Center, she was pronounced dead at St. Pats Hospital shortly after her arrival. She was in max security but the detention center workers failed to check on her according to jail policy and almost 90 minutes after her last visual check she was found unresponsive. Ems services had a pulse but it was to late in the end. Heather was in jail for 36 hours and is gone. A coronors inquest was conducted with the deerlodge coronor at the head. It was the most bias unjust situation I have ever witnessed. Andrew Paul represented the county as Dusty did not want to touch something so close to elections. Crego gave jury a tour of the detention center the day before the inquest, although he had repeatedly said for the under sheriff to be involed with the inquest would be a conflict of interest. Captain Susan Hienz made at least 4 different dvds of the 36 hours Heather was incarcerated, with longer or shortened versions and different sound bits ie. that would have included Heather. The medical staff withheld medication or drasticaly lessened the dossage on one. During the inquest they called only officers that had not spoken with her about meds or sickness then at the end the State Medical Examiner revealed she had vomited…. They did not have the Doctor from St. Pats nor the Ems workers testify. Later after reviewing the dvds She had on many occasions vomited, had diarhea, and absolutely had said something was wrong and she did not feel right. She was taken in for failure to go see her probation officer Kim Lahiff and possible suicide/attempt to harm herself. Heather repeatedly asked to go to providence center for withdrawl from her meds. and begged for them to give them to her. If the above story happened it should be on video and available under the Freedom of Information Act but I would act fast, things could disapear with changing and retirement of so many.

    • Heather Wasson’s story is truly heartbreaking. One wonders how any of those involved can sleep at night. I pray that the story about the unattended suicide isn’t true, but considering the new sheriff isn’t new to the department, how do we know he isn’t involved as well? Our source was credible.

  3. Read story in Missoulian online Nov. 9th after election, I love the roughly 30 mins passed undetected, If he was alone and under video he was in max for something, could it have been suicide? State prison policy states every 15 mins. to be checked in person, county requires every 30 mins. for a probation violation he could have been under State DOC. The camera and recording system is state of the art and new in Jan. 2009.

      • Sorry it was the 8th November. Is this the same person or is it another incident? I think it sound like something isn’t right. I believe I would look into meds that were with held or given in such small doses it is in effective. Often if the person doesn’t bring their meds with them the county does not want to pay for them. If addiction or abuse of a substance is also a factor, hope and pray.

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